Rubber infill is commonly used in playground construction, field turf, molded products, and rubberized asphalt, to name just a few. The use of recycled rubber in particular is growing in popularity as a sustainability practice. Recycled rubber can come from many different sources, therefore it must be carefully tested to ensure compliance with safety expectations. The latest standard, ASTM F3188, uses the maximum extractable metal levels allowed in children’s toys as a baseline for measuring the safety of synthetic turf infill materials.

The labs at Smithers are fully equipped for a wide variety of recycled rubber analysis, and our experts have the necessary skills and experience to devise a rubber testing program that will suit the needs of your product’s ultimate use. Our testing services include:

  • Material benchmarking
  • Mixing/compounding studies
  • Durability and physical properties testing
  • Extraction studies including heavy metal quantification

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