Webinar: A Beginner's Guide to FDA Food Contact Materials Regulations

Webinar: A Beginner's Guide to FDA Food Contact Materials Regulations

Webinar ran: 09 December 2020 | Download below


The USA Food and Drug Administration Service (FDA) has developed a wide-ranging set of regulations that cover most classes of food packaging materials since its inception in 1958. Materials include plastics, paper, adhesives, plastics additives and resinous coatings.

In this one hour webinar, food contact legislation expert Dr Alistair Irvine of Smithers provides an overview of the FDA’s approach to the regulation of Food Contact materials and how this has led to a number of different approval routes. 

To understand how the FDA regulates Food Contact substances it is also necessary to look at the Food Contact Notification (FCN) Program – Alistair explores this, as well as the current exemptions from FDA regulation during the webinar.

The webinar covers:

  • How the FDA regulates Food Contact Materials
  • The Code of Federal Regulations or the FDA Regulations (CFR21 parts 177-199)
  • The role of Food Contact Notifications
  • Exemptions from FDA Regulation
  • An end of discussion Q&A.
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Download the webinar below:


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