Q&A: Industrial and Trailer Tires

Q&A: Industrial and Trailer Tires
The experts on our technical consulting team have many years of experience working with industrial and trailer tires and understand the special considerations of this category of tire. 

What makes industrial tires and trailer tires unique?

Industrial and trailer tires often have a narrow tread footprint when compared to a passenger vehicle tire and are often used on single-axis vehicles. Industrial and trailer tires are expected to last longer and intermittently carry extremely heavy loads throughout their service life. All these things must be taken into consideration when analyzing and benchmarking industrial or trailer tires. 

What should manufacturers keep in mind when considering these service challenges?

From a design and manufacturing standpoint, low contained air inflation volumes of typical small trailer tires, coupled with narrow footprint areas, can lead to a need for increased focus on tire quality and dependability.
From a service standpoint, highly variable loading, coupled with frequent single-axle service, can further magnify the need for analyses and benchmark testing to attain confidence in quality of materials, compounds, tire constructions, and manufacturing uniformity.   

What sort of expert support is available for manufacturers, importers, and distributors of trailer and industrial tires?

Our expert team understands the unique intricacies, performance expectations, and variety of industrial and trailer tires. We have a long history of studying trailer tires and their individual textile and rubber components. Additionally, our team understands both radial and bias tire designs and constructions, both of which are utilized in trailer and industrial tires. We can create benchmarking programs to help ensure a quality project and conduct loss-of-serviceability analyses to evaluate challenges in the field.
For importers and distributors, our team can design custom programs to evaluate and rank-order multiple tire suppliers. For more detail on developing an effective quality program for imported tires, download our webinar below. Learn more about the webinar here > 

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