Infographic: Understanding Smithers Cybersecurity Survey Results

Infographic: Understanding Smithers Cybersecurity Survey Results

Today, it's an unavoidable reality that the importance of cybersecurity within our continually expanding digital world, only continues to grow. This fact is even more stark when looking at companies that handle Controlled Unclassifed Information (CUI) and that work with federal agencies. For these organizations, cybersecurity process and protocols must meet set standards of compliance.

As part of The Smithers Quality Assessments Division's initial Cybersecurity Service offerings with both NIST 800-171 Gap Assessments as well as CMMC Readiness Assessment Services, we conducted an incentivized survey, distributed to current clients and quality professionals working within defense and manufacturing industries.

Download our infographic to find out:
  • How companies felt about handling CUI
  • What groups felt comfortable with their CMMC knowledge
  • Did organizations understood how CUi relates to CMMC?
  • Who was NIST-800-171 ready
  • Did businesses know what CMMC Level they should be?



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