NACRW Presentation: Pesticides Exposure Assessment

NACRW Presentation: Pesticides Exposure Assessment

Dr. Amos Dwamena will present “Pesticides Exposure Assessment: Analytical Method Challenges and Opportunities” Thursday, July 28, at 10:05am during Session 5, Environmental contaminants and toxins,at the North American Chemical Residue Workshop (NACRW), to be held virtually July 25-29, 2022.

Pesticides, including both traditional plant protection products and biocides, although produced under very strict regulatory guidelines to have minimal impact on human health and environment, may prompt testing requirements under FIFRA for human health impacts of workers exposed to pesticide products. Exposure to pesticides can occur through multiple routes including oral, dermal, and inhalation depending on the type and use of the material. The direct (point-of-contact) and indirect (scenario exposure) measurement of pesticides offer accurate techniques to measure exposure to contaminants in the breathing zone, in food and drink, and on the skin.

Developing robust analytical extraction methods with unconventional matrices for monitoring whole body dosimetry such as outer clothing, inner clothing, and gloves, dermal exposure through gauze pads, as well as inhalation exposure through glass fiber filters or OVS tubes is critical to generate reliable data to model post-application risks. The analytical challenges involving sample preparation, sample sizes, and extraction encountered with supporting worker exposure studies will be discussed. 

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