Webinar: Writing Better Corrective Actions

Webinar: Writing Better Corrective Actions

Date: Tuesday, June 28, 2022
Time: 2:00 PM EST

Often causing great consternation, non-conformances found during an ISO, AS, or IATF certification audit can cause of feelings of disappointment or failure, as well as increases in stress levels within an organization. However, it's important to remember that major or minor "non-conformances" can be found by any auditor, at any time, and this doesn't mean that your company has lost its certification or failed the audit. Essentially, it means that a part, or specific parts, of the organization's quality management system does not meet the requirements outlined in the specific standard. This does not mean that a company has "failed the audit". So, what happens next?

Here's the silver lining -  an organization is given ample time to correct the non-conformances, or submit "corrective actions", and if the proposed corrective actions are sufficient, the auditor will recommend certification or recertification. But how do you ensure your corrective actions are sufficient?

The Smithers Quality Assessments Division's IATF 16949 Expert, and Automotive Sector Manager, Marty Willem, presents this forty-five minute session taking a closer look at the best practice approach toward writing corrective actions after receiving findings during a certification audit. Marty will highlight what the fundamentals for successful corrective actions are and provide some basic examples during the webinar, including:

  • How to formulate good problem statements
  • The importance of root cause analysis
  • The "5 Whys" approach
  • Containment vs. Correction vs. Corrective Action
  • An example of a good Corrective Action Plan

A fifteen-minute question-and-answer session follows the presentation.

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About the Presenter

Martin (‘Marty’) Willem has over 25 years in the 3rd-party conformity industry in roles ranging from National Operations Manager, Business Unit Manager, Associate Director of International Operations, and Vice President. In these roles, Marty has gained significant insights across a wide range of standards and AB/Oversight interfaces including holding a past chair position with the International Automotive Certification Bodies Association (IACBA). He also maintains active full credentials as an IATF 16949 Auditor.

In his role as Manager of IATF Sector under the Smithers Quality Assessments Division, Marty has greatly contributed to the continuing expansion of Smithers technical automotive bench strength and lead the IATF program through continued challenges within the overall automotive scheme.

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Marty Willem
Automotive Sector Manager 

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