Q&A: Recovered Carbon Black – Providing A More Sustainable Alternative

Q&A: Recovered Carbon Black – Providing A More Sustainable Alternative
Learn about recovered carbon black, trends seen in various industries, and how Smithers can help develop a sustainable solution for clients’ carbon black applications in this Q&A from Josh Guilliams, Vice President of Consultancy.

How Can A Client Benefit From Recovered Carbon Black In Their Applications?  

Recovered carbon black is used as a reinforcing agent in various rubber product applications and offers environmental and economic benefits by incorporating this technology into applications. Recovered carbon black, when compared to virgin black, provides cost savings based on recent increases in petroleum-based raw materials. Using recovered carbon black can also assist companies with sustainability initiatives providing a more environmentally friendly alternative. With the need for carbon black expected to increase in the United States in the coming years, newly formed recovered/recycled carbon black companies will provide a favorable market for domestic manufacturers.

What Industries Are Using Recovered Carbon Black? Are You Seeing Any Trends? 

Industries such as automotive, tire, flooring, plastics, conveyor belts, tubes, hoses, and more are looking for more sustainable materials, making recovered carbon black an ideal solution. We have seen the use of recovered carbon black in sportswear and other non-dynamic rubber applications, like dock bumpers. As technology continues to develop, the industry will need additional plants constructed to support growing demand for recovered carbon black in new applications.

How Have Supply Chain Disruptions Affected The Supply Of Carbon Black?

We have seen a lot of material shortages in the past several months. Limited natural resources and disruptions to the automotive supply chains have made it hard for companies to find alternative options, which makes sustainable/recycled materials even more important for the future. 

How Can We Help? 

Smithers experts can help clients by providing guidance on compounding re-covered carbon black into their applications. We can provide mixing studies that cover a wide range of applications, and we can also assist with new formulation development. After mixing, we can provide a wide range of physical properties testing to understand performance attributes across multiple formulation options. To learn more about how we can help with your recovered black applications, get in touch with Josh Guilliams, at jgulliams@smithers.com.

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