Infographic: Market Outlook for Food-grade PCR

Infographic: Market Outlook for Food-grade PCR

The first regulations requiring the use of minimum amounts of post-consumer recycled (PCR) resins in plastic packaging are currently in effect, and the industry is actively working towards a significant deadline in Europe by 2025. There is a vast quantity of potentially valuable raw materials that can be recycled and effectively utilised in food-safe applications.

What is the current situation regarding the use of PCR in food contact applications, and how is the market expected to grow over the coming years?

This infographic highlights the market outlook for food-grade PCR including:
  • PCR market key facts
  • PCR packaging end-use market share
  • PCR packaging market share by polymer type
  • PCR packaging regional growth (2024-2029 CAGR)
Want to find out more? Download this infographic to get started:
Download infographic
Download infographic
Download The Future of PCR for Food-grade Applications to 2029 brochure

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