The Future of Sack and Kraft Paper to 2023

Global consumption of sack and kraft papers in packaging applications amounted to 17.44 million tonnes in 2017, with a value of around $16.1 billion to mill operators. Overall, the consumption of these materials is expected to increase at 2.8% annually across the period 2018–23, reaching a total of 20.70 million tonnes with an ex-mill value of over $19.0 billion by 2023

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Our exclusive content:

  • A comprehensive data-driven examination of output, demand and consumption for sack and kraft paper in packaging
  • Expert analysis of the key market and technology trends impacting future demand
  • An exclusive data set segmenting the market across all key metrics – paper grade, end-use application, and geographic region

What methodology is used?

The methodology for this report is based on a dedicated programme of primary and secondary research moderated through Smithers own Delphi market research technique.

This is founded on interviews with key decision makers and technical staff at major sack and kraft producing mills and converters across the world. These individuals were confidentially polled to gain their insight into market and technology trends impacting sack and kraft use; refine Smithers existing data resources for this segment and test various hypotheses for future growth and development.

This work was further supported by a comprehensive investigation of existing published data compiled by Smithers and from other sources, addressing the current supply of materials and future prospects for the end-use sectors concerned.

Information was collated for almost 400 manufacturers and 40 converters across the global market. Estimates have been made of company market shares based on a variety of sources, including interviews directly with company representatives, company websites, published databases and other sources.

This output was then verified and cross-referenced with Smithers existing database for the sack and kraft and packaging industries, and selected third party published resources.

What will you discover?

  • Current and future production, conversion and import/export volumes for all major sack and kraft grades; including details of key local manufacturers and market consumption.
  • The key shifts in future use of sack and kraft paper across 17 different packaging segments and their impact on material consumption and pricing.
  • An exclusive data set segmenting the global market in over 110 data tables and figures.
  • An in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis of the key market and cutting edge developments across the next 5 years, presented from the perspective of pulp suppliers, mill operators and converters.

Who should buy this report?

  • Sack and paper packaging converters
  • Sack and kraft mill operators
  • Pulp suppliers
  • Equipment/machinery manufacturers
  • Industry consultants and analysts

Name The Future of Sack and Kraft Paper to 2023

Date 19/06/2020

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