Environmental Management System Auditing

 Environmental Management System Auditing

EMS Auditing Benefits Go Beyond Regulation

The most basic benefits of an audit and review for EMS are compliance with industry regulations, but a good system with continual improvement can reap even better results. 


Smithers' Environmental Management System Auditing Services ensure a comprehensive review of your EMS, delivering clear-cut findings without the uncertainty and stress often associated with audits. Find out how EMS auditing can improve your company's environmental policies, save money and reduce regulatory risk.

EMS Auditing for Today's Environment

Environmental management is at the forefront of corporate policy. More so now than ever, regulators are reviewing, creating and enforcing environmental standards that have a direct impact on a company's operations. Politicians also are taking a renewed look at environmental management thanks to extended local and international pressure.

Stakeholders, including insurers, investors, customers and community members, have increased expectations concerning environmental management. A thorough environmental management system audit can help a company meet and exceed those expectations.

The Role of an Environmental Audit in a Management System

Environmental management is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have. It goes beyond "being good to the environment" to encompass regulatory compliance and important process controls. Every good management system must take environmental policies and procedures into account. It's crucial to integrate environmental management into corporate strategy.

An EMS audit ensures compliance with ISO 14001:2015, the standard concerning environmental responsibility. ISO 14001:2015 certification is a clear signal that a company takes environmental management seriously.

 Environmental Management System Auditing

The Benefits of an Environmental Management System Audit

The most basic benefits of an audit and review for EMS are compliance with industry regulations and the assurance that processes and products take their environmental impact into account. EMS auditing not only improves a company's general environmental compliance and performance but also provides:

  • A process for using pollution-control practices to achieve EMS objectives
  • Predictable and consistent management of environmental obligations
  • More efficient use of scarce environmental resources

But robust environmental management system auditing does more than promote good ecological practices. By undergoing a thorough EMS audit, a company can improve operational performance and realize a wide range of efficiencies for a true competitive advantage. If a company is dedicated to ISO 14001:2015, EMS internal auditing can turn a shining light on the firm's hard work and diligent practices.

Beyond certifying a company's EMS, a 14001 audit provides real benefits like:

Cost Savings

A rigorous environmental management system audit can help a company lower expenditures and even create new revenue streams via increased recycling of materials. A strong EMS also reduces costs associated with waste production and disposal. Other cost savings are related to:

  • A decrease in the use and costly disposal of hazardous or potentially polluting materials
  • Lower risk of fines for regulatory non-compliance
  • Improved energy efficiencies and reduced energy waste

Methodical EMS practices can save money by promoting better general consumption habits and generating cost reductions for regulation, insurance and finance. Insurance companies, for instance, may take a certified EMS into account when deciding a company's premiums.

Corporate Image

A good EMS, strengthened by a vigorous environmental management system audit, can increase goodwill and burnish a company's corporate image. A well-executed EMS can serve as the lynchpin of a marketing campaign, boosting the company's brand. This can also open new markets for the company.

Other benefits may be realized if an environmental issue arises. Regulators are often willing to work with companies that have a proven commitment to environmental management, as opposed to companies that operate in a slipshod manner.

Employee Relations

Thorough EMS auditing can foster employee engagement in the EMS process. Improved environmental practices also directly enhance employee health and safety.

 Environmental Management System Auditing

How to Audit an Environmental Management System

We design each EMS audit to fit that company's specific legal requirements and environmental interactions. We work closely with each company's team and provide clear, honest communication from the very beginning of the process.

The purview of environmental management system auditing is broad, covering areas like:

  • Drinking water
  • Stormwater
  • Wastewater
  • Waste disposal
  • Storage and disposal of hazardous chemicals
  • Tanks, both above ground and underground
  • Air emissions
  • Emergency response plans

EMS auditing can include the review of documents and topics such as:

  • The presence of a written EMS manual
  • Organizational charts and position descriptions
  • Corporate environmental procedures and policies
  • Training requirements
  • External and internal communication plans
  • Operational and maintenance budgets
  • EMS internal verification procedures

We do everything within our power to make the internal audit of an environmental management system straightforward and easy to understand.

Trust Your EMS Audit to Smithers

 Environmental Management System Auditing

We have years of experience with rigorous, thorough EMS auditing. We're committed to providing expert support and service for your environmental management system auditing needs. Contact us today to take advantage of our ISO 14001:2015 expertise.


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