Gaël Peron

As Vice President, Gael guides strategic growth for the Smithers Medical Device Testing division. He leads testing laboratories in the United States and the United Kingdom that provide physical and functional testing, device verification and validation, chemical analysis, including extractables and leachables assessments, and consultancy to the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.
Gael is a biotechnology engineer by training, with significant background in single-use technologies used in bioprocessing, cell and gene therapy, and blood processing medical devices. He has over fifteen years of experience bringing products and medical devices to market and through the regulatory approval process in both the United States and Europe. Most of his career was spent at Sartorius Stedim Biotech and Charter Medical, including four years as President of Charter Medical.
His experience in bioprocessing technologies ranges from single-use bag assemblies to large capital-intensive controlled freezing and thawing equipment with a concentration on single-technologies used in freezing and cryopreservation. Gael published application notes in this latest field especially on the effect of freeze concentration on proteins. He is also one of the co-inventors of an enhanced co-polymer for biocontainment.
Gael has a Master of Science in Biotechnology Engineering from the graduate school of engineering ENSTBB Bordeaux - INP and a Master of Business Administration from Kedge Business School.

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