Julie Krzykwa

Dr. Julie Krzykwa, Biologist, Ecotoxicology, joined Smithers in 2020. She is a study director for a variety of aquatic toxicology study types, including endocrine disruption and chronic toxicity. She has expertise in endocrine disruption, behavioral ecotoxicology, and animal alternatives in aquatic toxicology research.

Prior to joining Smithers, Julie received her M.S. and Ph.D. in Biology from Texas Christian University. She also spent time as a student services contractor for the US EPA in Pensacola. Julie is an active member of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC). In her free time, Julie enjoys SCUBA diving, knitting, pottery, and baking.

Notable publications:
JC Krzykwa, SM King, MK Sellin Jeffries. 2021. Investigating the Predictive Power of Three Potential Sublethal Endpoints for the Fathead Minnow Fish Embryo Toxicity Test: Snout-Vent Length, Eye Size, and Pericardial Edema. Environmental Science & Technology 55 (10), 6907-6916

JC Krzykwa, MKS Jeffries. 2020. Comparison of behavioral assays for assessing toxicant-induced alterations in neurological function in larval fathead minnows. Chemosphere 257, 126825

JC Krzykwa, A Olivas, MK Sellin Jeffries. 2018. Development of cardiovascular and neurodevelopmental metrics as sublethal endpoints for the Fish embryo toxicity test. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 37 (10), 2530-2541

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