Dr Martin Forrest

Principal Consultant in United Kingdom specialising in Rubber and Plastics

Martin began his career in the polymer industry in 1977 with James Walker & Co. Ltd a manufacturer of packings, gaskets and seals. He joined Smithers in 1988 as a Consultant in the Polymer Analysis department. During his 26 years at Smithers he has been responsible for a large number of single client consultancy projects involving plastics, rubbers and other polymeric materials. These have addressed a wide range of topics, such as quality assurance concerns, failure diagnosis, deformulation studies and the profiling of migrants into food and drug simulants. He has also carried out technical management roles in UK and EU funded collaborative research projects concerned with food contact materials, medical devices, automotive products, and polymer recycling.

Expertise: Food Contact Materials, Polymer Analysis, Recycling and Medical Devices  

Martin is a Principal Consultant in the Consultancy Group at Smithers and uses his extensive knowledge and expertise to provide clients with expert advice concerning food contact materials and medical devices. He also works with clients to achieve solutions to problems that cover a wide range of subjects, including material selection, failure investigation, performance optimisation and recycling. He has provided legal expert witness support to clients both in and outside the UK.

Qualifications and professional accreditation

Martin has a first degree in Rubber Technology and an MSc in Polymer Science and Chemical Technology (both gained at the London School of Polymer Technology) and a PhD in Polymer Chemistry from Loughborough University. He has published over 40 technical papers and books in the fields of polymer analysis, food contact materials, and the recycling of rubber and plastics, and is a member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

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