Dr. Sharon Swales

Dr. Sharon Swales has been working in contract research for 25 years. She obtained her PhD in Food Chemistry at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom and is a Member of SETAC and the American Society of Chemistry. She was previously at Covance where she held several roles including Study Director for environmental fate and metabolism, terrestrial ecotoxicology and residues, Risk Assessor and Environmental Modeler in support of PPP’s and pharmaceuticals and Head of Regulatory Affairs.

In 2009 she took on the role of Operations Manager for the Environmental Sciences team and continued in that role through the acquisition process, where she oversaw the transfer of operations from Covance to the newly developed Smithers EU laboratory. Following 5 years as the Director of Environmental Fate and Metabolism, she is back in the role of leading the Scientific Operations at Smithers EU – covering Analytical Chemistry, Residues, Ecotoxicology, Environmental Fate and Metabolism.
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