Household and Personal Care encompasses a wide range of goods from luxury cosmetic, fragrance and beauty products to toiletries, oral care, OTC medicines, household cleaning and laundry products.

Challenges across these categories are numerous. These include maintaining product quality and integrity, ensuring compliance for consumer safety, ease of use and brand recognition. 

Smithers supports clients in the household and personal care industry with:

  • Food Contact Testing - To minimize risks to consumers, testing that was developed for food contact applications can also be applied to personal care packaging and consumer items like cookware. This is especially important if using recycled plastics in personal care packaging, where your team will need to perform NIAS testing or PFAS testing as part of due diligence when using materials from unknown sources.​
  • Primary Packaging Evaluation and Testing - Smithers support includes advice on pack compliance, modifications, improvement of print finishes, use of holographic inks and substrates and the introduction of novel product delivery mechanisms.
  • Packaging Materials Testing - Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratories are fully equipped for standard and non-standard testing services for paper, board and plastic materials. We offer an extensive range of material tests, providing clients with an objective understanding of material performance.
  • Packaging Performance Improvement and Troubleshooting.
  • Packaged Goods Distribution and Supply Chain support. Smithers' expert knowledge and comprehensive package testing facilities enable us to provide effective solutions for a range of core issues, such as pack design, damage prevention and reduction, and sustainability challenges. 
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Household and Personal Care Packaging Testing

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