There are many sustainability initiatives around the world, at an organizational level, at industry level and driven by national government. While there is no one simple solution to delivering on sustainability, there is a real need to make progress and continue to reduce environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Smithers is contributing towards this endeavor by supporting clients with damage reduction, light weighting, and validation projects in an effort to lower the impact of packaging solutions and materials.

Put simply, we believe that:

Product damage = Excessive waste
Often times, when damage occurs in the supply chain, reproducing the damaged product has a bigger impact on sustainability than replacing the damaged packaging.

Over protection = Excessive waste
Over packaging a product in an effort to ensure zero damage leads to inefficient and irresponsible packaging practices.

'Just right' packaging
Smithers leverages industry standards and custom protocols to help our clients balance the risk of shipment damage against material usage.

"I regularly see packaging used as a safety net to guarantee damage-free shipments. My passion is supporting our clients and giving them as much information as possible to properly balance the risk when evaluating packaging material usage."

Michael Kuebler, Technical Director US Distribution Testing

Testing strategies for sustainability efforts

Our testing services can accurately demonstrate where and when a packaged product might fail during shipping and handling.We leverage our expertise and package testing facilities to enable our clients to make informed decisions on optimizing their packaging to help meet their sustainability goals.

Smithers undertakes specific projects examining opportunities for light weighting and specification reduction, using intelligent testing and tailored protocols to support critical decisions on material and pack grades, materials substitution and cubic efficiency during storage and transit.

Some of our work includes:
  • Glass bottle pallet utilization improvement
  • Stability evaluation for palletized extra-tall, heavy containers of cans
  • Improved cube optimization / pallet height for alternative secondary pack format
  • Cushion pack design improvement for electronics product manufacturer.

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