Smithers have developed a range of industry membership packages to provide your company with easy accessible and cost effective market intelligence. Members gain a wealth of benefits, including business critical information through market analysis, strategic, technical and commercial knowledge, preferential product discounts, personal researcher access and networking opportunities at our world leading events.

All membership packages are hosted on an online company portal, giving your employees instant access to high value content tailored to your industry.

Membership Benefits

  •  Receive conference tickets per year associated to your chosen industry membership
  •  Stay up-to date with member-exclusive strategic futures presentations
  •  16 hours of free personal researcher time – ask your questions to our experts
  •  State of the Industry annual presentations
  •  Access to all future and past conference and training presentations
  •  A catalogue of past member insights covering market trends within each industry 

Gain all these benefits by signing up to a choice of 8 industry membership packages:


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Need more information about Smithers membership packages?

Contact Sean Walsh at or call +1 (330) 762-7441 x1134, or alternatively complete the short form below and one of our advisers will get in touch to discuss the benefits for each package. 

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