Smithers Adds New Flammability Testing Capabilities at Akron Laboratories

Smithers Adds New Flammability Testing Capabilities at Akron Laboratories

Published: 6/1/2016

Smithers announced today the addition of new rubber and polymer material flammability testing capabilities at its Akron laboratory.

The new flammability chamber will expand the current capabilities resulting in a more comprehensive offering of horizontal and vertical burn tests on a broad selection of materials. In addition, Smithers experts will be able to measure the oxygen index of plastics, rubber, and other polymer materials used in consumer products, appliances, automotive components, vehicles, mass transportation equipment, industrial equipment and films and self-adhesive materials.

“Our goal at Smithers is to provide our clients with the most expansive set of testing capabilities for rubber and polymer materials,” said James Popio, Vice President, North America, Smithers. “As OEM and industry requirements for flammability testing become more stringent, we will continue to expand our capabilities to serve our clients.”

Smithers performs flame testing to industry and governmental standards including a variety of ASTM, ISO, UL, NES, IEC and OEM specifications.

Smithers operates laboratories in North America, Europe and China, covering a wide variety of testing and consulting services from material chemistry and product durability testing, to tire, wheel and winter testing. Smithers global network of ISO 17025 accredited tire test laboratories perform a wide variety of SAE, ASTM, ISO, UNECE and EC tests supporting raw material suppliers, tire manufacturers and automotive OEMs.

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