Tire Industry Leaders Collaborate to Release Innovative Tire Modeling Toolset

Tire Industry Leaders Collaborate to Release Innovative Tire Modeling Toolset

Published: 5/14/2024

Smithers, a leading provider of testing, consulting, information, and compliance services, and Stackpole Engineering Services, renowned for their expertise in tire and vehicle development technology, proudly announce the launch of Virtual Tire Lab

Virtual Tire Lab is a unique, comprehensive toolset for analyzing raw data and comparing, contrasting, and adjusting virtual tire models for use in design analysis, simulation, and model certification. Virtual Tire Lab utilizes an annual subscription model to provide clients with access to a library of passenger and light truck tire models. During the subscription period, models are added to the Virtual Tire Lab library and include a variety of popular brands, sizes, and categories; such as all-weather, all-season, and EV-specific tires. All models are MF6.2 UM14 Handling Models. 

“More and more, tire companies are turning to simulations and virtual tire models to test concepts earlier in the tire development process, especially as they integrate tire choices with new vehicle platforms,” said Jim Popio, PhD, Vice President, Smithers Materials Science and Engineering Division. “Recognizing a shared opportunity, Smithers and Stackpole Engineering Services have combined forces to accelerate our clients' market entry through this venture. Virtual Tire Lab combines nearly 100 years of tire testing expertise from Smithers with Stackpole Engineering Services’ extensive knowledge of intricate, high-resolution tire models for various vehicle types. The two companies have been working together for several decades to bring tire modeling solutions to a variety of clients across the tire and automotive industries. 

“A Virtual Tire Lab subscription includes an annual license to Agile Tire™, Stackpole Engineering's flagship tire data analysis and modeling software. Agile Tire ™ provides engineers with peerless tire analysis capabilities, and allows users to review, analyze, and compare tire data captured at the Smithers Tire and Wheel Test Center, and tire models developed by Stackpole Engineering,” said Michael Stackpole, President & Founder, Stackpole Engineering Services. “Users can also leverage Agile Tire™ to modify tire model parameters and export models compatible with vehicle simulation software and driver-in-the-loop (DiL) simulators.” 

Virtual Tire Lab is a valuable tool for: 
  • Vehicle OEM development teams 
  • Tire manufacturers aiming to benchmark diverse models 
  • Tier suppliers of suspension, powertrain, braking, and steering systems seeking to better understand how various tires interact with their systems earlier in the design process 

For more information about Virtual Tire Lab and to request a quotation for the subscription service, visit www.virtualtirelab.com


About Smithers: 

Founded in 1925 and headquartered in Akron, Ohio, Smithers is a multinational provider of testing, consulting, information, and compliance services. With laboratories and operations in North America, Europe, and Asia, Smithers supports customers in the transportation, life science, packaging, materials, components, consumer, cannabis, dry commodities, and energy industries. Smithers delivers accurate data, on time, with high touch, by integrating science, technology, and business expertise, so customers can innovate with confidence. 


About Stackpole Engineering Services, Inc: 

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in North Canton, Ohio, Stackpole Engineering Services, Inc. provides solutions for the Virtual world.  As a full-service provider of engineering solutions, Stackpole Engineering takes an innovative approach to the most complex issues. Our team of industry-leading professionals are skilled in tire modeling, vehicle dynamics, data acquisition and analysis, vehicle simulation, and engineering tool development. We understand the challenges facing our customers and what’s required to be successful in the virtual world. We proudly serve clients across the globe, and value the collaborative relationships we have established with our customers, partners, and vendors. 

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