Smithers Rapra

Smithers Rapra delivers industry-leading rubber and plastics expertise – from product concept to launch and beyond.

Smithers Rapra offers global proficiency in rubber, plastics and polymers. Services include:

Testing, Analysis and Consulting Services

Smithers Rapra has a unique mix of expertise and testing capabilities enabling the application of an integrated approach to problem solving. Its core capabilities lie in the skills and experience of its people, many of whom are recognized and accepted as leading experts in their field. With full-service testing facilities and analysis labs, Smithers Rapra's experts have a broad toolkit when guiding customers through both standard testing requirements and technical consulting to support the product development process. 

Each testing laboratory operates with the highest efficiency and accuracy to ensure that all of your testing needs are met. From material chemistry to physical testing to whole product durability and performance testing, Smithers Rapra provides clients with a broad range of services to benchmark, troubleshoot or develop rubber and polymer based products. Smithers Rapra laboratories are ISO 17025 certified.

Conferences, Training, Publications and Market Reports 

Smithers Rapra serves the global academic and industrial market with polymer, chemical, pharmaceutical, ecotoxicology and life-science related knowledge and information products and events. These include a wide range of technology and market-based journals and books, market reports, national and international  conferences,  polymer technology training courses and electronic web and database products.