Smithers provides quality management, material/product testing, and information services for the aerospace industry.

Aerospace Industry

Among the most safety conscious in the world, the aerospace industry has long recognized the crucial role quality plays in the performance of aviation, space and defense products and services.  Both consumer and customer confidence are directly linked to perceptions about the quality of the products and services that are manufactured and delivered in this highly specialized industry.

In response to this demand, Smithers offers a wide range of quality management, material/product testing, and information services for the aerospace industry. Our clients range from commercial aircraft manufacturers, defense contractors, to component suppliers, materials producers and service providers

Quality Management Services

Smithers Quality Assessments

(SQA) has been an accredited third-party registrar since 1993. In addition to AS 9100 certification services, SQA has provided quality, environmental, and safety management systems certification such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, OHSAS 18001, CSA Z1000, and ANSI/AIHA Z10.

With positions based in North America, Asia and Europe, SQA works with both manufacturing and service-oriented companies of all sizes and geographic locations.

SQA also offers unaccredited services from our Asia Pacific office, such as statistical process control, MSA, root cause analysis; internal audits; supplier development; process audits; and gap analysis/pre-assessments.

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Material and Product Services

Since 1925, Smithers has had extensive experience in designing and developing test protocols for various applications. Our technical support services are world leading and include failure diagnosis, design and process optimization and material analysis.

With extensive knowledge of rubber, polymer and plastic materials, Smithers experts can offer consultative insight – supported by materials analysis, product testing and transit simulation testing – to aid in your product development efforts.  Our testing services cover a wide range of performance evaluations on rubber, plastics, sealants, various vehicle components, tires and wheels.

Globally, we operate multiple ISO 17025 accredited product test facilities, chemical and material analysis laboratories, as well as facilities dedicated to distribution package testing.

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Information Services

For insight on market trends, emerging technologies and industry news, Smithers provides multiple products that serve the polymer material and product industries.  Smithers offers market reports, technical conferences and events, training courses, journals, books and The Smithers Report - a daily digest dedicated to tire industry news.