Smithers has performed standard guideline and higher-tiered environmental studies for over 45 years.

Global Environmental Testing

At Smithers we conduct studies to satisfy all regulatory requirements globally and are a leader in delivering trusted testing services.We take pride in the excellent quality of our science which is as important as the relationships with our clients. We work closely with clients to build trusted partnerships and develop procedures and protocols that produce effective and conclusive results to help meet regulatory requirements.

Ecotoxicology – Aquatic and Terrestrial Toxicology Services

Smithers environmental testing laboratories offer a variety of ecotoxicology programs in the areas of aquatic (freshwater and marine) and terrestrial species.

Specific areas of expertise include beneficial insect studies, aquatic plant growth, plant vegetative vigor, seedling emergence and germination, fish, bird and invertebrate acute studies, early life-stage and life-cycle exposures, as well as customised studies to meet your regulatory testing needs.

Chemistry Services

Smithers performs product composition investigation, identification and quantification of the contents in a technical grade product subject to registration. Our capabilities include screening of ingredients to 0.1% and lower. Smithers has considerable experience in trace level analysis for the detection and identification of toxicologically significant impurities for preliminary 5-batch analysis, as well as experience in structure elucidation. We also provide GLP-compliant residue chemistry studies for registration and environmental monitoring needs.

Risk Assessment

Smithers can partner with you by providing a well-defined risk assessment and testing strategy, specific to the unique properties of your product, targeted at the respective environmental compartments of concern.

Environmental Fate and Plant and Animal Metabolism

Smithers Environmental Fate and Metabolism department includes internationally recognized experts in biodegradation, plant and animal metabolism, and bioconcentration.

Our fully equipped facilities are staffed by experienced personnel. With dedicated laboratories, sophisticated equipment, and a staff familiar with EPA, OPPTS, FDA, OECD, CEPA, EU, BBA and JMAFF guidelines, Smithers has extensive experience in the environmental challenges associated with product development.

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