Consumer Products

Smithers offers extensive expertise to support companies optimizing the design, development, manufacture and quality of consumer products.

Helping Clients Optimize Consumer Product Quality

From food and drink to household and personal care, the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) or consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector encompasses a wide range of products and is highly competitive.

Smithers Pira Packaging ExpertiseChallenges for companies in the sector are numerous. Product quality and packaging are at the heart of these. From simply maintaining product quality and integrity to store shelf; to ensuring consumer safety;  offering convenience and ease of use;  pursuit of improved shelf stand-out and increased brand relevance; and the development of luxury packaging and product propositions, and managing brand and product authenticity.

Smithers Pira  provides world-leading packaging expertise and market reports. With facilities in the UK and US and over 80 years’ technical and scientific experience, the company helps consumer good brand owners, retailers and packaging manufacturers around the world. 

Smithers Pira  offers extensive expertise to support companies optimising the design and manufacture of consumer products reliant on plastic and rubber materials through its facilities in the UK and US. 

Consumer Packaging Technical and Testing Expertise
  • Improving Packaging and Material Performance -
    Our independent packaging experts provide a range of services to help clients assess and improve the performance of their packaging. The teams work to international standards from state-of-the-art laboratories in Europe and North America with facilities at London, UK and Lansing, Michigan.
  • Packaging Failure Analysis and Resolution -
    When packaging or any component part fails or does not meet standard, or you have critical issues in manufacturing or supply chain  processes -  the cost in terms of time, money and consumer confidence, can be devastating. We will work quickly and effectively to identify the root cause of failure and provide you with actionable solutions to avoid reoccurrences.
  • Packaged Goods Distribution and Supply Chain support -
    Our expert knowledge and comprehensive package testing facilities enable us to provide effective solutions for a range of core issues, such as pack design, damage prevention and reduction, and sustainability challenges. 
  • Food Contact Materials -
    Expert safety and  regulatory compliance services. Support with identification and elimination of food packaging  taints and odors and well as safe use of recycled materials  in contact with food.

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Consumer Product Design, Durability and Manufacturing Support

Experts in the field of rubber and plastics, clients call on Smithers for guidance and support throughout their product lifecycle. Combining in-depth scientific and technical understanding and testing capabilities with extensive industrial experience, our team has the skills and experience to undertake entire product design and development programmes, tackle one-off projects or provide rapid-response troubleshooting.

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Independent Market Insight

Smithers Pira market reports provide an independent and expert view of emerging markets, technologies and factors which will affect consumer goods brand owners, retailers and packaging manufacturers. Each report contains a qualitative and quantitative five-year market forecast, including a comprehensive analysis of customers and providers to each market.

The company also offers bespoke consultancy services, helping companies to solve a specific business need. The specialist research team can assist with market sizing and forecasting, market segmentation, market entry studies, and surveys. Smithers Pira can also assist with strategic business planning to help you identify new profitable opportunities and niche markets, understand unmet needs, and benchmark against competitors.

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Industry Events and Technical Publications

Smithers Pira also offers a portfolio of information products for brand owners, retailers and packaging manufacturers. From books on technical advances in packaging to market leading conferences. Smithers Pira events combine productive networking, high calibre presentations and targeted marketing opportunities for key decision makers across the globe.