Smithers offers polymer-related services to the industrial sector, including raw material suppliers, rubber and plastic manufacturers, oil and gas exploration companies and the construction industry.

Optimizing Plastics and Rubbers for Highly Demanding Service Environments

Designing, specifying and engineering products and components for precise performance in often highly demanding service environments is a characteristic of the industrial sector.

Smithers understands these challenges and helps clients working with plastics and rubbers to innovate as well as model and predict product performance, prevent premature failure and manage costs to achieve their product specification.

Demanding Service EnvironmentFor over 90 years,  Smithers has been offering an extensive range of polymer related services to the industrial sector, with clients including raw material suppliers, rubber and plastic manufacturers, oil and gas exploration companies and the construction industry.

With facilities in the UK and North America, clients call on Smithers for guidance and support throughout their product lifecycle. With vast accumulated knowledge, Smithers can offer solutions to most polymer issues impacting on the industrial sector. The team’s experience covers product design, material selection, process modelling and development, material and product testing and failure analysis.

The company also has a unique small-scale manufacturing laboratory able to manufacture test samples, run pre-production trials, create product prototypes and assist with streamlining an existing manufacturing process.

Technical Expertise, Testing and Solutions

Smithers' independent experts can assist with

  • Optimizing materials and products
  • Designing to prevent failure
  • Ageing and life prediction
  • Optimizing materials processing
  • Manufacturing optimization
  • Failure diagnosis and resolution
  • Expert witness
  • Professional development training for designers, converters and end users.
  • Product testing to international standards
  • Material testing and chemical analysis

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Market Insights and Consultancy 

Whether you are looking to grow your business, launch new products or find out about new and emerging markets, Smithers Rapra market reports and consultancy can provide you with practical, cost effective research solutions to meet your specific business needs.

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Technical and Scientific Books

Renowned technical publisher Smithers Rapra produces a wide range books and polymer database covering all aspects of rubbers, plastics and polymer-based composite materials. 

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Environmental Assessment Services

Smithers performs environmental and consumer safety contract research and regulatory services for the industrial and fine chemical industries. We have performed standard guideline and higher-tiered environmental studies for over 45 years.

Offerings include environmental fate, metabolism, aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology, residue, analytical, and product chemistry, toxicology, and regulatory risk assessment.