Smithers works closely with various companies within different parts of the supply chain to support their efforts to solve difficult challenges such as fuel efficiency, packaging or product performance.

The supply chain is a complicated and interwoven ecosystem that continues to evolve each year. Freight volumes are increasing at the same time as fuel costs. Retail channels have shifted greatly over the years towards ecommerce and the complexity that this model presents to product manufacturers, logistics companies and consumers.

Material and Product Performance Testing

Fleets and OEMs alike are looking to ensure that their equipment is not only operating as designed, but also as efficiently as possible. Lightweighting and fuel-saving initiatives are critical to meeting these goals. Smithers can provide a wide variety of material and product performance testing to ensure that new components will perform to industry and OEM specifications while reducing overall weight in the vehicle. 

In addition to weight, the rolling resistance of tires can account for 20-40% of a truck’s total fuel efficiency. Smithers' deep expertise in tire technology provides fleets, OEMs and tire manufacturers with a resource to understand rolling resistance performance of a range of tires. This provides users with the data needed to make intelligent tire purchasing decisions.

Package and Transit Testing

Product manufacturers continue to look at ways to reduce the amount of packaging materials used in protecting their products as they move through the supply chain. While this is a critical activity used to support sustainability and cost-reduction initiatives, it can present new challenges for the safety of the product in the supply chain.  Losses in damage claims and unsaleables can equally affect the bottom line.


Smithers' knowledge of the supply chain and packaging materials helps product manufacturers assess the durability and performance of both primary and tertiary packaging. Through industry standards and the development of custom testing protocols, Smithers experts can design a testing program to help manufacturers optimize their packaging for performance, cost and sustainability.

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