Product Development

From product concept to launch, Smithers has developed a set of capabilities that can help you accelerate your product to market.

Across various industries, technical disciplines and regions around the world, Smithers is focused on helping its clients accelerate their path to market.  Through growth and acquisition, Smithers has developed a set of capabilities that can serve many of the critical roles in the product development process.

For product concept development, scoping and business case activities, Smithers provides:

  • Market intelligence reports
  • Industry leading technical conferences and events
  • Custom market research services

As product development moves into the engineering and scientific research stages, Smithers experts can provide technical support and testing services for:

  • Material chemistry and environmental toxicology
  • Physical performance testing of materials
  • Extractables and leachables studies
  • Whole product durability and performance testing
  • Competitive benchmarking studies for materials or whole products
  • Product failure analysis
  • Product prototyping and manufacturing
  • Product package testing and optimization
  • Technical consulting and training

Our experts have amassed years of experience in technical and business roles throughout industries such as tires, automotive, pharmaceuticals, medical device, packaging, polymers, energy, agriculture and industrial chemicals. 

Let Smithers help you accelerate your path to market.