Webinar: Considerations for More Efficient Packaging - DIM Weight Shipping

Webinar: Considerations for More Efficient Packaging - DIM Weight Shipping

Webinar first ran 17 December 2014. Download Recorded Webinar

"Considerations for More Efficient Packaging - DIM Weight Shipping"

Presented by Michael Kuebler

As early as the end of this month, major package carriers will begin implementing dimensional (DIM) weight shipping rates on all ground parcel shipments. Historically, ground parcel shipments rates were based solely on weight. However, in recent years, package carriers have found that many shippers have resorted to packaging their products in oversized containers, taking up valuable space in delivery vehicles. In this webinar, Mike Kuebler discusses the changes and how they will affect shippers and consumers. He will also review considerations for making more intelligent packaging decisions in light of this new shipping standard.

This webinar covers:

  • The changing protocol for ground parcel shipping rates from solely weight-based to dimensional (DIM) weight and how the change effects parcel carriers, shippers and customers
  • Understanding the DIM factor
  • Shipping cost analysis - before and after the change
  • Total cost analysis - what should you really be evaluating?
  • Assessing the effect of damage
    • PACKSmart Cost Estimator
    • Costing scenarios
  • Real world applications
  • Conclusions


Webinar - Dimensional Weight Packaging Considerations

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