Industry view on using recycled plastics in packaging

Industry view on using recycled plastics in packaging

We asked FMCG companies and packaging companies within the FMCG supply chain about their thoughts on using recycled plastics in food contact applications. View the results in our exclusive infographic below.

Using recycled plastics in packaging can be challenging – whether due to material performance issues or safety concerns over contamination. 

The UK government is proposing that from 2022 onwards, packaging that contains less than 30% recycled plastic could be subject to a new plastic packaging tax. This will likely lead to an increased use of recycled materials in packaging applications.

Key highlights:

  • The vast majority of companies are exploring using recycled plastics in their packaging
  • Legislative uncertainty was the biggest barrier to implementing recycled plastics
  • Lack of consumer support was not felt to be a barrier by the majority of companies.
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Download the white paper and infographic below:


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