How laboratory testing can support the aerospace industry

How laboratory testing can support the aerospace industry
From takeoff to landing and every moment in between, the products and materials used in aerospace applications face tough conditions. An individual component must be able to withstand extreme temperatures, high pressure, sudden impact, fluid exposure, and more, depending on its purpose and where it’s located within the aircraft.
As the aerospace industry grows, suppliers are facing an extensive production backlog and seeking efficient ways to expedite the validation and benchmarking process so they can get their products to market faster. Experienced third-party testing laboratories can make it easier for suppliers to assess the durability and functionality of aerospace materials and parts and achieve regulatory compliance more quickly.
The experts at Smithers are well-versed in several crucial components of any aircraft and can provide support for both the civil and military aviation sectors, including:
1. Aerospace hoses
The aerospace industry relies on a complex network of different hoses to keep everything running smoothly. Aerospace fluid transfer systems are responsible for fuel and hydraulic conveyance and propulsion throughout the aircraft, among other critical functions. Smithers’ product testing team has the skill and experience to design and conduct a thorough testing program to determine whether an individual hose or complex assembly can meet regulatory requirements and withstand the demanding conditions of an aerospace service environment.
2. Aerospace adhesives
Adhesives are an increasingly popular choice over physical fasteners when it comes to aerospace system construction. The right adhesive can reduce overall weight and improve performance due to improved fuel efficiency and durability. Smithers’ material and physical testing laboratory is fully equipped for tensile, peel, and other crucial testing procedures based on the specifics of a given adhesive’s service environment.
3. Polymer materials
A component is only as good as its materials of construction. When suppliers are developing innovative new materials or benchmarking against your competition, Smithers’ lab can provide a suite of testing services to streamline the process. Lab experts can conduct both physical and chemical analysis testing on polymer materials for aerospace applications, including FEA properties, life prediction, fluid susceptibility, materials identification, reverse engineering, and more.

4. Aircraft tires

Aircraft tires are designed to withstand high air pressures, loads, speeds, temperature changes, and other extreme factors. Our expert team of chemists, engineers, and consultants can support the aircraft tire development process from materials selection and characterization to performance challenges. In addition, if a failure occurs, our technical consulting team can evaluate the specimens to assist in determining a possible cause for the issue.

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