Webinar: Bridging the Gap Between ISO 9001 and AS9100

Webinar: Bridging the Gap Between ISO 9001 and AS9100

Often considered the fundamental requirement for successfully implementing a quality management system, ISO 9001:2015 is the internationally recognized, foundational quality standard. Building on this, AS9100 uses all the ISO 9001 standards as a foundation, bolting on additional regulatory requirements and notations pertaining specifically to aerospace quality needs. So what are these additional regulatory requirements? And how do the two standards specifically differ? 

The Smithers Quality Assessments Division's Aerospace Expert, and Sector Manager, Aaron Dalby, presents this one-hour session taking a closer look at how AS9100 was built on the ISO 9001 standard, but with additional requirements specific to the aerospace industry. Aaron highlights what those requirements are and why they're important. A Q&A session follows the presentation.

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Aaron Dalby is an accomplished quality manager and lead auditor with demonstrated expertise across ISO 9001 and Aerospace Quality Management Systems, in implementation, maintenance, auditing, data and risk analysis and improvement activities. 

With an extensive history of implementing and upgrading quality management systems that have allowed for organization improvement in compliance, effectiveness and efficiency, as well as auditing to the requirements of ISO 9001, AS9100, AS9110 and AS9120 for companies of varying size, Aaron, possesses a significant knowledge of standard requirements, root cause analysis, corrective action implementation and verification, and risk management.

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Aaron Dalby
Aerospace Sector Manager 

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