Webinar: Navigating Sample Complexity in Residue Analysis

Webinar: Navigating Sample Complexity in Residue Analysis

The variety and complexity of samples found in residue analysis can present significant challenges in selecting appropriate parameters for method optimization and validation that inform strategies for routine analysis.

During this AGRO Lunch & Learn webinar, expert Sidney Bluemink will describe the challenges presented when working with a variety of complex sample matrices. He will discuss sample extraction techniques to support reliably efficient extractions from diverse matrices, sample preparation methods to mitigate interferences and matrix effects, and advanced instrumental techniques to ensure enhanced sensitivity and selectivity.

Employing case studies and success stories, exploring innovations in residue analysis, and pointing to emerging technologies and trends, Sidney will provide a comprehensive review of the challenges present in complex residue samples and the remedies that can enhance accuracy and reliability of our analysis.

AGRO Lunch & Learn Webinar -
Navigating Sample Complexity in Residue Analysis: Strategies and Innovations for Accurate and Reliable Results

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Sidney Bluemink, Study Director, Analytical and Product Chemistry Smithers, Harrogate, UK
Sidney Bluemink joined Smithers as a chemist/method developer. He directs studies and develops methods for Residue Chemistry on soil, agricultural products, and animal tissues and fluids, with over 20 years of experience that spans across his tenure at Smithers and previous work at Covance and Severn Trent Laboratories.

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