Meet the Co-op: Collin Houser

Meet the Co-op: Collin Houser

Meet Collin Houser, our new co-op at the Smithers Product Testing Lab in Akron, OH. 

What is your major? What university or college do you attend?  

I am currently enrolled in a five-year mechanical engineering program at the University of Akron, and I have just completed my third year. I chose mechanical engineering because I enjoy learning about mathematics, especially calculus, and science. My favorite class so far has been thermodynamics. One of the great things about the University of Akron’s engineering program is they have a mandatory co-op program, which supports real-world experience during the process of earning your degree. Engineering students must complete three rotations with a company.

What interested you in a co-op at Smithers?  

I wanted to gain real-world experience to help prepare me for a career after college. Working in a testing lab involves a lot of different testing techniques, products, and materials. I felt that this variety would help prepare me for any number of career paths and would keep my experience very interesting.  

What do you want to learn while working at Smithers?  

I want to learn more about the company, Smithers’ clients, tire testing, and the numerous tests that are performed in the Product Testing Lab. I am looking forward to getting hands-on experience using their laboratory equipment and working on various projects to help support the lab. For example, my first trip outside of Akron took me to the Smithers Winter Test Center where I had the opportunity to learn more about snow and ice traction testing. The week before, I spent time with the product testing team understanding pressure, vibration, and temperature testing for fluid transfer systems. So far, it has been a great opportunity to learn new things every day. 

How do you spend your time outside of school and work? 

When I am not attending school or my co-op, I like to spend my time fishing, golfing, and playing chess. I also participate in fishing tournaments at Portage Lakes State Park in Akron, OH.  
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