What is AS9120 Certification?

What is AS9120 Certification?

For businesses in the aerospace industry, particularly those organizations that focus on procurement of materials, parts and assemblies within the aerospace market, certification is a must. AS9120 is an international standard that sets out the requirements for quality management systems (QMS) within the aerospace supply chain.

The AS9120 standard provides assurance that the supplier has adhered to specific requirements and procedures in order to ensure safe and reliable product delivery. It also ensures that suppliers are able to meet customer expectations with respect to quality, cost, delivery, and service.

Why is AS9120 Certification Important?

AS9120 certification benefits both customers and suppliers. For customers, it ensures that the products they receive are of a high quality and have been produced according to industry-set standards. This can help reduce costly errors or product failures due to poor quality control processes.

For suppliers, AS9120 certification shows potential customers that their company has taken steps to improve its operational efficiency and product reliability. This can be beneficial for companies looking to expand their customer base or enter new markets.

How to Become Certified Under AS9120?

To become certified under AS9120, organizations must first develop a quality management system that complies with all relevant requirements specified by the standard. Once this has been achieved, an external auditor will conduct an audit for AS9120 certification, auditors will look for compliance with all applicable requirements as outlined in the standard itself.

Auditors may also review documents such as policies, procedures, records, and training materials in order to verify that these processes are being followed effectively. Additionally, they will assess how well employees understand the processes they are following by asking questions about them during interviews or observations of operations onsite. 

AS9120 certification is essential for any business operating within the aerospace industry supply chain. It provides assurance to customers that suppliers are following necessary procedures and producing products of a high quality while providing opportunities for growth for suppliers themselves by demonstrating their commitment to safety and reliability standards set forth by the industry itself.

An auditor will assess whether a company meets all applicable requirements of AS9120 when conducting an audit for certification; therefore it is important that all associated documents, training materials, records, etc., are up-to-date in order to ensure success during this process. Quality managers should consider obtaining this certification if they want their business operations to remain competitive within this sector of aviation industries today.

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