Plastics in Construction



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Course overview

Plastics are used very effectively in the construction industry for a wide range of structural and non-structural applications. They provide cost effectiveness, are light in assembly and have low maintenance and good durability. Despite this, the industry continues to experience problems caused by:
  • Plastic material misuse in application
  • Misunderstanding of plastic performance when exposed to: weather, heat and chemical environments
These problems are only likely to increase as consumers demand higher levels of recyclate in the materials used.

Issues such as accelerated oxidative cracking in hot water pipe supply, environmental stress cracking, premature weathering discolouration of window frames and decking cost constructors thousands of pounds.

This course explains how plastics are used structurally and non-structurally in buildings, the different types of plastics used and where. It will review common mistakes when designing and using plastic in buildings. Case examples will be provided to illustrate points. The course will review how plastics are used to reduce environmental impact, explore how they support the concept of sustainable construction and how to manage the use of recycled product.

Additional dates

  • 17 September 2020

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Learning outcomes

  • Able to promote a better understanding of plastics in structural and non-structural construction applications
  • Appreciate their strengths and limitations
  • Understand and recognise the basic types of plastics used
  • Able to specify plastic components with greater confidence
  • Understand the consequences of the use of recycled materials and contribute to the sustainable construction strategy of the organisation you work in

Course content

Introduction to plastics used in construction
  • Basic types
  • Additives and properties
  • Influence of recycling materials
 Introduction to manufacturing methods for plastic components
  • Extrusion
  • Foamed products
  • Injection moulding
 Review of material applications and specifications
  • Plastic pipes used in construction: properties and performance
  • Sealants and adhesives including the different types and how the wrong choices can lead to premature failure of other plastic products
  • Window frames and decking: materials used and how to specify materials for these applications
  • Insulation materials - different types on the market and their effectiveness 
  • The role of plastics in sustainable construction and future trends for plastics in construction. 
  • Review of case histories of plastic product failures in construction, lessons learnt and guidelines for best practice

Who will benefit

  • Design product component engineers
  • Architects
  • Construction engineering managers
  • Buyers of construction materials, specifiers of construction materials
  • Companies supplying construction materials and products to the industry
  • Legal professionals engaged in construction litigation
  • Councils maintaining buildings
  • Surveyors and quality auditors of buildings

Course presenters

  • Dr Paul Shipton, Consultant

Questions and queries

Please contact Kerry Haralambou

Plastics in Construction

Length 1 day