MetCoke 2020 / COVID-19 Webinar



WEBINAR: Industry Resilience: The Impact of COVID-19 and Steps Toward Recovery. 

MetCoke World Summit, originally scheduled for November 11-12, 2020 in Pittsburgh, PA, has been postponed to 2021. We believe this is the best option to provide our attendees, speakers, and sponsors with the certainty they need to plan their participation and maximize the value from the event in a safe and reliable way. More information on the 2021 conference is coming soon.

This year in an effort to provide MetCoke attendees the opportunity to connect, network, and stay up-to-date during this time of change and development, we are holding virtual meeting, sponsored by SunCoke Energy, which will focus on Industry Resilience: The Impact of COVID-19 and Steps Toward Recovery. 

This webinar will cover industry-leading topics:
  • Market Overview and Factors for Global Economic Growth
  • Panel on COVID-19 Impacts to the Entire Supply Chain
  • Future of N.A. Coke Making
  • How Well Can Metallurgical Coal Rebound From Q2 Struggles? 

About MetCoke: Event Overview

MetCoke World Summit has an impressive history of providing an exceptional conference experience for the coke, coal, and steel industries for over 20 years. The summit has hosted attendees from around the world and built a reputation as the place to meet with every sector of the industry. With expert speakers addressing challenges facing the industry, and covering key topics such as global supply and demand factors, transportation, cost management, regulatory policies, producer strategies, technological innovations, and a look at the future, this conference fosters an environment for innovation and new professional connections. Don't miss this opportunity to network, educate, and discuss key global economic initiatives for increased success and profitability.

Who Attends?

For 20 years, the MetCoke World Summit has hosted attendees from all over the world and built a reputation as the place to ‘meet with almost every sector of the MetCoke world.'  We look forward to building on our long tradition of connecting the most important international companies in the industry with key industry analysts, transporters, material providers and commodity investors, brokers and traders.

Companies who have attended past events include AK Steel, SunCoke Energy, Xcoal, S&P Platts, Tata Steel, H&W Worldwide Consulting, Wood Mackenzie, CRU Group, Steel-Insights LLC, ArcelorMittal, Filtra Group Oy, GIR Refractories, and many more.
MetCoke 2020 / COVID-19 Webinar

MetCoke 2020 / COVID-19 Webinar

Length 1 day