CannaReg Summit 2023

Burlington, Vermont


As the first cannabis industry event focused on harmonizing testing standards across the United States, CannaReg Summit will provide insights into the science of cannabis testing. 

Attendees will learn about:

  • Challenges with infusions
  • Testing standards and understanding regulatory compliance
  • Consumer insights
  • New opportunities for packaging
  • The future of oil use
  • Looking ahead to the future of cannabis. 

Smithers has a successful track record of providing high quality events to regulatory affairs, product stewardship, and toxicology experts across the electronic nicotine delivery devices, pharmaceutical, flavors & Fragrances, and food value chains. Providing industry players the opportunity to debate, assess, and improve processes for bringing products to market and achieving regulatory compliance. CannaReg will employ this industry expertise and knowledge to bring together key stakeholders from all aspects of the industry to share ideas about the future and solve challenges.

CannaReg Summit 2023

CannaReg Summit 2023

Length 2 days
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