Why Choose Smithers Market Research Reports?

  • Reports researched, written and peer reviewed by industry experts worldwide
  • A trusted methodology and extensive databases on core markets, all built with 50 years of market research
  • An unrivalled, global industry network to leverage for primary research insights
  • A reputation for credible, quality research fostered over the company’s 80-year history as a provider of information and technical testing services.

Smithers Methodology

The Smithers market research methodology blends deep secondary and primary research across an unrivalled industry network, using the Delphi technique. Experts from each industry research, write and peer review every report, providing you with trusted market data. You’ll receive the most credible and timely market research report, with actionable insights based on extensive databases and technical expertise.

Smithers Market Research Report Benefits

  • Forward forecasting of key enabling technologies
  • Company intelligence & analysis of customers or providers to each market
  • Qualitative and quantitative market forecasts by region, technology and end-use market
  • Market analysis by region, technology and end-use sector
  • Intranet license and searchable digital version