Ecotoxicology tests offered:
Aquatic Organisms and Sediment-dwellers
Algal Growth Inhibition - Freshwater  
OECD 201
Algal Growth Inhibition - Marine  
OECD 201
Amphibian Metamorphosis Assay
OECD 231
Chironomus dilutus Sub-Chronic (10-day) See EPA Guideline
Chironomus dilutus Chronic Toxicity See EPA Guideline
Chironomus riparius Acute Toxicity – Water Only  OECD 235
Chironomus riparius Life Cycle, Spiked Sediment or Water OECD 233
Chironomus riparius Toxicity, Spiked Sediment  OECD 218
Chironomus riparius Toxicity, Spiked Water  OECD 219
Copepod Acute Toxicity  OSPAR /Modified 202
Corophium Sediment Bioassay  OSPAR
Daphnia Acute Toxicity  OECD 202
Daphnia Reproduction  OECD 211
Fish Acute Toxicity  OECD 203
Fish Aqueous Bioaccumulation  OECD 305-I
Fish Dietary Bioaccumulation  OECD 305-III
Fish Early Life Stage  OECD 210
Fish Embryo Sac-Fry  OECD 212
Fish Embryo Toxicity (FET)  OECD 236
Fish Full Life Cycle   
Fish Juvenile Growth  OECD 215
Fish Sexual Development  OECD 234
Fish Short-term Reproduction Assay  OECD 229
Fish 21-Day Assay  OECD 230
Hyallela Acute Toxicity - Water Only See EPA Guideline
Hyalella azteca Sub-Chronic (10-day) See EPA Guideline
Hyalella azteca Chronic Toxicity See EPA Guideline
Larval Amphibian Growth and Development Assay OECD 241
Leptocheirus plumulosus Sub-Chronic (10-day) See EPA Guideline
Leptocheirus plumulosus Chronic Toxicity See EPA Guideline
Lumbriculus Bioaccumulation  OECD 315
Lumbriculus Toxicity  OECD 225
Medaka Extended One Generation Reproduction Test (MEOGRT)  OECD 240
Mysid Acute Toxicity  See EPA Guideline
Mysid Reproduction  See EPA Guideline
Oyster Shell Deposition See EPA Guideline
Soil Organisms:
Collembola Reproduction OECD 232
Earthworm Acute Toxicity  OECD 207
Earthworm Reproduction  OECD 222
Earthworm Bioaccumulation OECD 317
Hypoaspis Reproduction OECD 226
Non-Target Arthropods  
Aleochara bilineata (Extended Lab) IOBC
Aphidius rhopalosiphi - Tier I
Aphidius rhopalosiphi - Tier II IOBC
Aphidius rhopalosiphi Aged Residue IOBC
Chrysoperla carnea - Tier I  IOBC
Chrysoperla carnea - Tier II  IOBC
Chrysoperla carnea - Aged residue 
Chrysoperla rufilabris - Tier I See EPA Guideline
Chrysoperla rufilabris - Tier II See EPA Guideline
Chrysoperla rufilabris - Aged Residue See EPA Guideline
Non-Target Arthropods
Coccinella septempunctata - Tier I IOBC
Coccinella septempunctata - Tier II IOBC
Coccinella septempunctata - Aged Residue IOBC
Coleomegilla maculata - Tier I See EPA Guideline
Coleomegilla maculata - Tier II  
Coleomegilla maculata - Aged Residue  
Orius laevigatus IOBC
Typhlodromus pyri - Tier I IOBC
Typhlodromus pyri - Tier II IOBC
Typhlodromus pyri - Aged Residue IOBC
GMO Feeding Studies  
GMO Catfish Feeding Studies  No Guideline
GMO Poultry Feeding Studies No Guideline
Non-Target Plants  
Efficacy Screening N/A
Seedling Emergence and Seeding Growth Test OECD 208
Vegetative Vigour  OECD 227
Aquatic Plants  
Lemna Growth Inhibition  OECD 221
Glyceria maxima Toxicity OECD Guideline in progress
Mesocosm N/A
Microcosm N/A
Myriophyllum spicatum Toxicity OECD 238
Other Aquatic Plant  
Activated Sludge, Respiration Inhibition  OECD 209
Carbon Transformation OECD 217
Nitrogen Transformation  OECD 216
Bumble Bee Oral and Contact Acute Toxicity Combined Approach  OECD 246/247
10-Day Chronic Adult Feeding Toxicity - Bumble Bee OECD Guideline in progress
Honey Bee Acute Contact Toxicity  OECD 214
Honey Bee Acute Oral Toxicity  OECD 213
Honey Bee Oral and Contact Acute Toxicity Combined Approach  OECD 213/214
Honey Bee Toxicity of Residues on Foliage See EPA Guideline
7-Day Acute Larval Toxicity - Honey Bee  OECD 237
10-Day Chronic Adult Feeding Toxicity - Honey Bee  OECD 245
22-Day Chronic Larval Toxicity - Honey Bee OECD Guidance Document No.239
Solitary Bee Acute Contact Toxicity OECD Guideline in progress
Solitary Bee Acute Oral Toxicity OECD Guideline in progress

Smithers has experience of performing these tests across a range of product types including plant protection products, biocidal products, veterinary medicines, pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals.

OSPAR = Commission, Methods for the Testing of Chemicals used in the Offshore Oil Industry
IOBC = International Organisation for Biological and Integrated Control
EPPO = European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation
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