Smithers provides testing for plant protection products / formulations for both the US and European markets. 

With expertise in regulatory ecotoxicology testing and low-level analytical techniques, Smithers is the perfect partner support formulation studies where greater efficacy and potency translate to lower active ingredient detection limits. Smithers has extensive experience and routinely conducts all the studies required for formulation testing in aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology, product chemistry and five-batch analysis. Method validations and sample analysis conducted and reported in accordance with SANCO/3029/99 rev.4 as needed.
  • Vegetative vigor / seedling emergence
  • OECD 201 - Algal growth inhibition
  • OECD 202 - Daphnia acute
  • OECD 203 - Fish acute
  • Full suite of terrestrial ecotoxicology
    • Bees, earthworms, non-target plants, non-target arthropods
  • Full product chemistry packages
  • Storage stability
  • Five-batch analysis
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