Instability can be a challenge for taller unit loads, such as container shipments, as well as pallets. Load stability can also be an issue for loads that don’t use corrugated material as the result of a lightweighting or cost-savings project.
Load instability is caused by:
  • High displacement / low frequent hazard events.
  • Road vehicle cornering or braking.
  • Mechanical and automated handling machinery, including forklift trucks, pallet trucks, and pallet conveyor systems.
Smithers has leveraged our years of experience in distribution testing to develop and refine our own load stability test methods based on ISTA and other existing industry standards, as well as custom load stability studies conducted by our experts. We’ve also developed a proprietary method that mimics EUMOS 40509, allowing North American manufacturers to predict the stability and performance of their pack design without having to ship test samples to Europe.
Our package and distribution testing facilities are equipped with an inclined impact tester, a horizontal impact sled, and other state-of-the-art load stability testing equipment. We can conduct root cause analysis studies to uncover deeper insights into load stability challenges and identify suitable packaging solutions to address stability issues and minimize loss.

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