Smithers Quality Assessments President Named to Advisory Role for International Aerospace Quality Group

Jeanette Preston Added to Provide Expert Insight and Client Perspective

Smithers Quality Assessments (SQA), a Smithers Group company, specializing in quality, safety and environmental management systems certifications, announced that SQA President Jeanette Preston has been appointed to the Certification Body Focal role by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG), an international non-profit association under the Belgian law with office registered in Brussels (Belgium).

The IAQG is a cooperative organization within the aerospace & defense industry comprised of three sectors (Americas - AAQG, Asia/Pacific - APAQG and Europe - EAQG). Preston will serve in a leadership and advisory role for the IAQG’s Other Party Management team. This group reviews new and existing quality standards to ensure they are in the best interest of the aerospace industry and are in line with the IAQG’s commitment to ethics. As part of this appointment, Preston will also serve as Certification Body Focal for IAQG’s Americas region.
“Jeanette Preston is a tremendous technical and strategic asset to our organization,” said R. Darrell Taylor, Chair of the IAQG Registration Management Committee. “Her years of experience as leader of a certification body and her strong relationships with manufacturers around the world make her an ideal choice to represent the voice and conscience of aerospace companies as the IAQG strives to create and enforce quality standards that help drive our industry forward.”

Currently, Preston has proposed a resolution with the IAQG designed to streamline the certification process and, as a result, save the aerospace industry up to as much as $10M per year.

In addition to her duties as SQA president and her newly appointed IAQG responsibilities, Preston is Chair of the International Automotive Certification Bodies Association (IACBA) and a board member of the Independent Association of Accredited Registrars (IAAR).


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