Webinar: Conquering the CMMC Mountain

Webinar: Conquering the CMMC Mountain

Webinar date: Friday, March 26, 2021, 2:00 PM EST.

The Smithers Quality Assessments Division and guest presenter, Bryan Van Brunt, of VTMB, LLC, embark on an in-depth, 1-hour session taking a closer look at conquering the mountain known as CMMC. Bryan guides the audience through a detailed look at how to digest and implement the coming CMMC requirements for your organization. 

Bryan specifically covers:

  • How to view CMMC as you do other familiar projects
  • Why it's important not to tackle CMMC alone
  • Understanding the total costs of CMMC
  • How to prepare important details
  • Common questions


Show Policy

An interactive live Q&A session follows the presentation.

About the Presenter

Bryan Van Brunt is a Florida-based attorney specializing in Government Contracts. He started his career nearly 20 years ago in the U.S. Air Force as a JAG attorney, before separating in 2005 and working for nearly 14 years at a large Defense Contractor as the Director of Contracts and Deputy General Counsel of a large business unit. Most recently, Bryan is the founder of Van Brunt Law Firm, a Government Contracts and Business Law firm in Tampa; the co-owner of VTMB, a defense contractor consulting firm; and he serves as the fractional COO and General Counsel to a medium-sized defense firm in Florida.

Bryan has led and advised several companies in implementing cyber security measures to comply with CMMC standards. He has been involved in the business side of the project as a program manager, evaluated several technology options, drafted policies and procedures, and provided training to companies of various sizes. His background in government contracts, as a business executive, and as a person experienced in more than one implementation provides him with unique insight and lessons-learned that he looks forward to sharing during this session.


Bryan Van Brunt

Vice President, Legal and Regulatory Compliance, VTMB, LLC.

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