The US Response to Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

The US Response to Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

According to the United States (US) Department of Defense, the US, three allies, and the European Union announced on May 24, 2022, that they are planning to work together on several cybersecurity initiatives in response to global cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats. The following principles will help prevent cyber incidents, prepare national and international capabilities to respond to cyber incidents, and/or respond to cyber incidents quickly and effectively. The US will focus on software security standards, while Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese will lead the critical infrastructure initiative; Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India will lead the supply chain initiative, and Prime Minister, Kishida, of Japan, will lead workforce development. A revised set of joint cybersecurity principles is being developed to increase cyber resilience in an environment that is rapidly changing. 

Leaders of "The Quad Partners" are committed to improving cybersecurity resilience by sharing threat information and identifying potential risks through the Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT), within supply chains for digitally enabled products and services, according to a statement released after the meeting. The quad will also improve Managed Service Providers' security by implementing cybersecurity standards for Quad government procurement of software. 

As part of our continued efforts to strengthen cybersecurity awareness and action, Quad partners will launch the Cybersecurity Day campaign. Schoolchildren, small businesses, and older adults will receive cybersecurity information and training as part of this program. To maximize the campaign's effectiveness and reach, Quad Partners will work with industry, non-profits, universities, and communities.

"The Quad partners will coordinate capacity building programs in the Indo-Pacific region under the Quad Cybersecurity Partnership, and they will conduct the first-ever Quad Cybersecurity Day to help individuals better protect themselves from cyber threats," according to a statement by the White House. It was announced the leaders of all four nations will meet next year in Australia.


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