Plunger Stopper Movement (PSM) Under Low Pressure

Plunger Stopper Movement (PSM) Under Low Pressure

If you are looking to transport pre-filled syringes via air or road at high altitudes, you need to ensure that extreme or changeable pressures do not lead to a loss of sterility in the syringes.

In the downloadable article below, our experts highlight how movement of the plunger stopper in a pre-filled syringe could lead to harmful contamination of the drug within the syringe. While some free movement of the plunger stopper as a result of altitude and pressure change is acceptable, any movement beyond certain limits could compromise the product within the pre-filled syringe and break the seal, presenting risk to patient health as well as significant losses as the product would be rendered unusable.

Find out more about the importance of plunger stopper movement testing by downloading the article below, and see how Smithers can test to appropriate standards, ensuring the integrity and performance characteristics of your pre-filled syringes and other medical devices.

Download the article below:


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