AS9120: What is Supplier Diversity?

AS9120: What is Supplier Diversity?

When it comes to the aerospace industry, ensuring the quality of products and services is of utmost importance. And to achieve this, having a robust supply chain that includes diverse suppliers is crucial. That's where AS9120 comes into play. AS9120 is a standard specifically designed for aerospace distributors to ensure a high level of quality and traceability in their supply chain. One of the aspects that AS9120 highlights is the importance of supplier diversity. Below we'll dive deeper into what supplier diversity is and why it is important for the aerospace industry. 

1. Understanding the concept of supplier diversity:

Supplier diversity refers to the practice of procuring goods and services from a range of suppliers that are owned and operated by individuals or communities that are traditionally underrepresented. This includes small businesses, women-owned businesses, minority-owned businesses, and veteran-owned businesses. Implementing supplier diversity programs helps to create a more inclusive and representative supply chain. It also helps to support the economic growth of these underrepresented communities.

2. The importance of supplier diversity in the aerospace industry:

The aerospace industry is highly regulated and relies on a complex supply chain to produce high-quality components. Encouraging diversity in the supply chain helps to ensure that companies are accessing the most innovative and cost-effective solutions. When companies partner with diverse suppliers, they are tapping into their knowledge, skills, and unique perspectives, resulting in better products and services.

3. Benefits to businesses that embrace supplier diversity: 

Aside from ensuring a high level of quality in their supply chain, businesses that embrace supplier diversity programs can also benefit in other ways. They often find that working with diverse suppliers can lead to better relationships, innovation, and improved competitiveness. Diverse suppliers also tend to be more agile and able to adapt quickly to changing market conditions, providing companies with more flexibility in their supply chain. 

4. The role of AS9120 in promoting supplier diversity:

AS9120 emphasizes the importance of supplier diversity in its requirements for aerospace distributors. Specifically, the standard requires distributors to establish and maintain a supplier database that includes information on the diversity of their supply chain. They are also required to develop programs that foster supplier diversity and inclusion. By adhering to these requirements, aerospace distributors can help build a more diverse and resilient supply chain.

5. Best practices for promoting supplier diversity in the aerospace industry: 

To promote supplier diversity in the aerospace industry, companies can begin by establishing clear goals and metrics for their supplier diversity program. They should also make a concerted effort to reach out to diverse suppliers and provide training and support to help these businesses better understand the needs of the aerospace industry. Finally, companies can work with advocacy organizations to promote supplier diversity and inclusion throughout the industry. 

Supplier diversity is becoming increasingly important in the aerospace industry. By working with diverse suppliers, businesses in this industry can build a more innovative, agile, and resilient supply chain while also supporting the economic growth of underrepresented communities. By following the AS9120 standard and implementing best practices for promoting supplier diversity, aerospace companies can pave the way for a more inclusive and successful industry.

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