Achieving AS9100 Certification - A Basic Guide for Aerospace Suppliers

Achieving AS9100 Certification - A Basic Guide for Aerospace Suppliers

Many aerospace suppliers are looking for ways to ensure their products and services meet quality standards in order to secure consistent work. One of the most effective ways to do this is by achieving AS9100 certification, which is often a requirement to bid on jobs offered by aerospace manufactures. This article will briefly outline the requirements for quality management systems (QMS) specifically designed for use in the aerospace industry. In this guide, we'll take an overview approach to how organizations can achieve AS9100 certification and the benefits it can provide.

What is AS9100 Certification?

AS9100 certification is an international standard that defines requirements for quality management systems (QMS) used in the aerospace industry. It was developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) to help ensure that products meet safety and quality requirements. To achieve certification, organizations must demonstrate compliance with all applicable regulations, industry standards, customer requirements, and other related documents.

The Benefits of Achieving AS9100 Certification

Achieving AS9100 certification has many benefits, including improved customer satisfaction, greater efficiency, reduced costs, better product reliability and improved operational performance. Additionally, AS9100 certification helps organizations demonstrate their commitment to quality and safety by meeting rigorous industry standards that are recognized worldwide. This can be beneficial when seeking new customers or submitting bids on contracts from large companies or government agencies.

How Companies Can Achieve AS9100 Certification 

In order to achieve AS9100 certification, there are several steps that must be taken:
1. Develop a Quality Management System – Organizations must develop a QMS that meets all applicable regulatory requirements as well as customer-specific needs and expectations.
2. Train Employees – Training employees on the QMS is important so they understand what’s expected of them.
3. Implement Processes – Processes should be established to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations within the AS9100 standard.
4. Document Results – Documentation should be maintained to track results and report any nonconformities.
5. Submit Application – The final step is submitting an application for certification which includes a detailed audit of the QMS by an accredited third-party auditor.
6. Receive Certification – After passing the audit, organizations will receive their official AS9100 certificate from the accreditation body indicating successful completion of all necessary steps required for certification.          

Ready to Start Your Journey Toward AS9100 Certification?

Achieving AS9100 certification can be a complicated process but it has numerous advantages for aerospace companies looking to demonstrate their commitment to safety and quality standards as well as improve customer satisfaction and gain access to potential new customers or contracts from larger organizations or government entities.

By following these steps outlined above, companies can feel confident they are taking all necessary steps towards achieving full AS9100 certification status in order to reap its many rewards.
To get started with AS9100 certification for your organization, you can request a quote, or contact us with any questions you may have.

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