ISO 45001 Clauses: A Breakdown of Clause 9

ISO 45001 Clauses: A Breakdown of Clause 9

Maintaining a safe workplace is one of the top priorities of any organization. It not only ensures the well-being of employees but also affects the productivity and performance of the business. ISO 45001 offers a framework that helps organizations to establish, implement, maintain, and continuously improve their occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS).

Clause 9 of the ISO 45001 clauses outlines the requirements for performance evaluation. In this article, we will touch on the ISO 45001 clauses that make up Clause 9 to help quality managers, CEOs, operations, health, and safety manager better understand its importance and how it can be effectively implemented in their organization.

ISO 45001 Clauses - Subclause 9.1: Monitoring, measurement, analysis, and evaluation

At the core of any effective health and safety management system, the need for a monitoring and measurement system is critical. The purpose of Subclause 9.1 is to ensure that the organization has established a process to monitor, measure, analyze, and evaluate the performance of the health and safety management system. It provides a systematic approach to identifying areas that require improvement and ensuring that the system remains effective.

ISO 45001 Clauses - Subclause 9.2: Internal audit

Subclause 9.2 requires the organization to establish, implement, and maintain an internal audit program to evaluate the performance of the health and safety management system. The internal audit program should be conducted at planned intervals and consider the results of previous audits. The audit should be carried out by competent personnel, and the results should be communicated to relevant personnel.

ISO 45001 Clauses - Subclause 9.3: Management review

Subclause 9.3 requires the top management to review the performance of the health and safety management system regularly. The review should consider the adequacy and effectiveness of the system and take corrective actions where necessary. The review should also ensure that the health and safety policy is relevant and appropriate to the organization's objectives and is understood and implemented at all levels.

ISO 45001 Clauses - Subclause 9.4: Continual improvement

Subclause 9.4 requires the organization to continually improve the health and safety management system's performance. The organization should establish objectives and targets for improving the system's performance and take action to achieve them. This clause highlights the importance of a systematic and continuous improvement approach to occupational health and safety management.

ISO 45001 Clauses - Subclause 9.5: Corrective action

Subclause 9.5 requires the organization to take corrective action when the results of monitoring, measurement, analysis, and evaluation indicate that the health and safety management system is not performing as planned. Corrective actions should be taken to eliminate the root cause of the non-conformity and prevent it from recurring. The organization should also evaluate the effectiveness of corrective actions taken.

In conclusion, Clause 9 of ISO 45001 is a critical part of the standard, ensuring that the health and safety management system remains effective and continually improved. ISO 45001 clauses highlight the importance of monitoring and measurement, internal audits, management review, continual improvement, and corrective actions, as a whole. But, to comply with the requirements of Clause 9, an organization must establish effective monitoring and measurement systems, conduct internal audits, regularly review the system's performance, continually improve the performance of the system, and take corrective actions where necessary. By effectively implementing Clause 9 of the ISO 45001 standard, organizations can ensure that their employees remain safe, and the business grows and thrives.

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