From macro trends like digitalisation and ecommerce to specific niche innovations we can help you assess technology impacts to protect your current business, assess potential opportunities and innovate for future growth.

Our core capability

Through our strength and depth of knowledge we are a leading player in understanding the technology trends of the packaging, paper and print industry. 

Our technology advisory services include: 

  • Technology strategies
  • Disruptive technology trends
  • Technology scouting and application
  • New technology advisory and implementation
  • Regulatory risk and compliance
  • Auditing and implementation
  • Technical gap analysis

Client projects we delivered

  • A print equipment manufacturer approached us to assess their technology applications, the technological developments, end-user requirements in their market space and how they compare to their competitors. The project included a site visit to their facility, an in-depth report which combined an assessment of the technology and the markets and including us producing a cost comparison model comparing costs of different print machine technologies.

  • A private equity company required a technical audit of an investment opportunity within the print market.  The objective of the project was to evaluate the performance and market positioning of the target company, and assess its development roadmap against the likely technical evolutions of the packaging and graphic design markets. A technical audit involved an investigation of the technical capabilities of the target company and an assessment of its relevance to existing and future market needs. A gap analysis was also undertaken to feed into business plan options, revenues and funding requirements.


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