The Future of Green Cement to 2020

Today green cement technology produces 3.5% of global cement, but it is forecast to grow to over 13% of the market by 2020.

Table of Contents Key Facts and Figures
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  • The current worldwide market for green cement
  •  Green cement industry developments to 2020
  •  Sustainable industry practices
  •  Market splits by end-use application
What methodology is used?

The Future of Green Cement to 2020 is based on an indepth combination of primary
and secondary research. Primary research included interviews and discussions with industry experts, and a detailed survey of the cement industry, including a study of the
major stakeholders. Secondary research was based on extensive literature analysis of published data, corporate and governmental publications and statistics, technical
journals, conference presentations and industry associations. This report provides a unique depth of information and analysis.

• Cement producers, raw and synthetic material suppliers and processors, equipment suppliers, those involved in cement sales
• Green building construction specialists and designers
• Business planners, financial and policy analysts and consultants

Name The Future of Green Cement to 2020

Date 12/10/2016

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