The Future of High-Performance Pigments to 2023

The exclusive research for The Future of High-Performance Pigments to 2023 identifies how worldwide a total of 239,120 tonnes of high-performance pigments and effect/speciality pigments will be consumed in 2018. Consumption will increase to 282,694 tonnes in 2023, and a value of  $7.91 billion.

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Our exclusive content:

  • Quantitative value and volume forecasts for high-performance and specialty pigments demand in all key end-use applications
  •  In-depth analysis of the evolution of the highperformance pigment supply and value chains
  • Over 180 tables and figures providing data and strategic insight in a concise, easy-to-use format

What methodology is used?

The Future of HighPerformance Pigments to 2023 is based on an in-depth combination of primary and secondary research.

Primary research involved targeted interviews with industry experts and decision makers from all points in the supply and end-use chain for highperformance pigments.

Secondary research was based on extensive literature analysis of relevant published material, conference proceedings, patent applications and information from organisations and companies involved in the production, supply and application of highperformance pigments and their raw materials.

What will you discover?

  • Industry-leading market segmentations of 22 classes of high-performance pigments (HPPs), and effect and speciality pigments (SPs), across 11 major enduse applications and 28 regional geographic and key national markets.
  • Detailed analysis of the current and future shape of the supply and value chain for HPPs and SPs, including commercial challenges, the evolving regulatory environment, unmet technical demands and how these can be exploited.
  • For the first time a detailed examination of global supply and demand for complex inorganic coloured pigments (CICPs) and their impact on market across the next five years.

Name The Future of High-Performance Pigments to 2023

Date 5/22/2018

Price $6500.00

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